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Kyushu eminent hot spring resort Kirishima, Kagoshima hot-spring village
Characteristic of three hot water of one feeling feelings
1.We draw than 1,200 meters below ground and are natural hot spring flowing constantly from the source.
2.Inside bath with all "outdoor baths" for exclusive use of seven "inside bath" "is made with granite", and please enjoy open-air bath as much as desired when you like for "some hinokis structure" 24 hours. Structure varies according to rooms.
3.Mellow "turbid hot spring" getting high evaluation as hot water of hot spring cure is popular when moistened.
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Spring quality
Magnesium, calcium, sodium, hydrogen carbonate hot spring (hypotonicity, the neutrality, high temperature spring)

Neuralgia, stiff and painful shoulder of fifty years of age, bruise, hemorrhoids, relieving fatigue, burn, muscular pain, exercise are paralyzed and sprain, and they have poor circulation,
Chronic dermatopathia, cut, arthralgia, tightening of joint, chronic digestive organ disease, convalescent convalescence, health promotion