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This museum deals with personal information of customer in the following methods based on the Personal Information Protection Law.

1.The acquisition of personal information

  • By fate of laws and ordinances, accomodation clause accommodation, banquet in the case of the use
  • When it is requested application for accommodation, banquet or document
  • In the case of answer to questionnaire (offer of personal information becomes arbitrary)

2.Use purpose of personal information

  • Only in the case of next, this hotel uses personal information of customer, and customer may not use this hotel other than the used purpose.
  • When it is necessary to contact customer from us including communication such as decision and confirmation of reservation, answer to inquiry, thing left behind at the time of the use
  • Notification about service of accommodation, banquet other this hotel
  • Offer of attribute information to investigation statistics (hatsujibetsu, sex by public institution, age distinction) which do not identify individual

3.Protection management of personal information

  • We disclose and may not contribute to third party unless they protect severely and manage personal information, and laws and ordinances were established in (when disclosure by laws and ordinances is demanded from public institutions such as court, the police).
  • When there is proposal of disclosure, correction, deletion about personal information of self from customer, we cope after checking being the person.
  • This museum enforces management of personal information of customer on employees and goes down about the handling severely and with extreme caution.