Original dishes

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Dinner original dishes
Hospitality only for up to seven sets of states a day
As for the fresh fish produced in chemical-free vegetables of self farm, Kagoshima Japanese black beef of contract ranch, the Kagoshima sea near the shore,
Original dishes which it examined seasonal taste closely to equal dining table, and valued the local subject matter.
Please enjoy a time of supreme bliss to taste by eyes and tongue and heart from appetizer to dessert.

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We are replaced when we click image※Food type varies according to season, the stocking.

When we finish taking a morning bath of waking and are just hungry,
Please have breakfast which regarded nutrition as health of the day.

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Meal prepares exclusive private room. It is warm with warm thing,
It is ... with cold thing coolly.
It is completed and brings immediate dishes.
Please enjoy "original cooking" utilized material that it was selected carefully while looking at waterside.
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